The Gods have fallen, and their divine essence awakens within you.

Come mortal, and see before you a shattered world left by Baku’s wake.

As the remnants of a once great civilization, slowly crawl from the ashes of war, you must venture out in search of your purpose.

Explore majestic cities, and delve into the most dangerous reaches of the world. Meet new friends and enemies. Gather treasure beyond imagination.

All this and much more, in this NFT Blockchain based MMORPG.

This is your story. Welcome to Mundo.

This is the Age of Heroes.

Gameplay Overview

Create your character and explore a fantastic world in this free to play blockchain based MMORPG. Ally with friends to fight the most dangerous monsters, and get a chance to find rare, and powerful items.
Mundo is a top down rpg whose world is loosely based on Philippine mythology. Players will hack, slash and use magic against unique creatures, by clicking on them to attack, or by using skills in the skills menu.
Customize your character with equipment you can buy from npc sellers or better yet, craft your own using resources that you find during your travels. Some unique items are also available in the NFT market place.!
Every corner of Mundo is filled with adventure, and peril! Baku has left the world broken, and most knowledge of the known world has been lost. No corner of Mundo should be left unexplored!

Character Classes

“I will grind your bones to dust, and spill your blood on the earth.”


Berserkers are warriors of unstoppable fury who deal more damage when they are wounded. While raging, berserkers take less damage from any physical attack, move faster, and are less susceptible to any movement restriction spells and abilities.

“You don’t die until I get paid.”


Protectors are warriors exceptionally good at staying alive and keeping their foes at bay. Equipped with a shield and knowledge in defensive combat, a protector is always ready to plunge even in the pangs of death to protect the worthy and even the unworthy.

“My weapons are all around you.”


Elementalists are shamans who can control the very forces of nature. They can command the elements for a variety of powerful effects. At higher levels they can transform into almost invincible elementals.

“Healing or hex? I’m the best of both worlds.”

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctors are Shamans who utilize ancient forbidden blood magic. They can cast hexes to wear down their foes, so that they can deliver the killing blow.

“Hush. There is no honor lost from falling prey to my arrows.”


Marksman are hunters skilled with a bow. They hunt from a safe distance, calculating the movement of their prey before taking the killshot. With a variety of arrows at their disposal, no predator or prey can easily escape their sights.

“Fool! This whole battlefield is one giant trap I have set for you.”


Rangers are hunters who specialize in using traps to eliminate their prey. Using a wide array of traps, they are able to hunt down targets of various sizes with less difficulty.

“The only things faster than my hands, are the bullets which will end your life.”


Duelists are gunslingers who are experts in the use of dual revolvers. They are agile, and can dance around their opponents with guns blazing.

“There is no justice here. I’m the best you’ve got. Turns out I’m pretty good at it.”


Vigilantes are gunslingers who hunt down the most wicked denizens of Mundo. Their shotgun can hold a variety of shells which exploit their chosen mark’s weaknesses.

“A quarter of dragon’s bile, and pinch of ore from a dying sun is all it takes to make everything go Booom!”


Alchemists are Monster Slayers who are adept in the art of creating potions and elixirs. These concoctions can be used by by the alchemist to buff themself, allies, or even deal damage to monsters.




Raise Pets


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Treasure of Heroes

A coveted treasure meant for the finest defenders of Mundo.
Merchants and thieves will sell their mothers just to get their hands on this valuable box.

Type: Chest

Rarity: Epic